FRAMELESS | Midnight Black



No Frames? No Problem! Our Frameless line uses stainless steel studs to fasten a single polarized lens to a matte black sub-frame to achieve its signature frameless effect. Premium hardwood temple pieces add to the uniqueness of this model and offer lightweight durability!

  • Genuine hardwood temple pieces that are moisture-resistant and strong
  • Polarized, shatter-resistant black single lens featuring 100% UV protection
  • Stainless steel spring-loaded hinges
  • Microfiber cleaning pouch

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Lost broken or stolen

Lost or Broken Replacement

If your Boosted Shades are lost, broken, stolen, or at the bottom of the ocean, we will replace them no matter what happened! To claim a replacement pair please email our support staff and they will help you get a new set! Processing fees may apply. Limit 2 per item purchased. 

Quality Guarantee

If your Boosted Shades arrive damaged or you experience a problem with quality or craftsmanship, we will replace the product at no cost to you. This Quality Guarantee coveres any manufacturing defects for up to one year post purchase. 


More information regarding our replacement policy can be found here. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Kyle Williams

Lovely new shape, colour and style!

Deybis Gayoso

I’m my opinion for the price these are the best sunglasses out there. And how could you not love a pair of glasses named Boosted.


Nice sunglasses, but the frame is black, not clear/see-thru like the pictures shown.


I'm on my second pair of these, well, I should say was. I bought my first pair a number of years ago and loved them, however after a few years the right temple broke off at the hinge. I bought a new pair of these last summer and today as I'm righting this email, the new pair broke the exact same way.

I realized that sometimes when you close the glasses the right temple likes to slide over the left and then behind it, putting unwanted stress on the hinge. That is what makes this particular pair break easily. I did try to be more careful but I pulled them out of my coat pocket just now and found them broken.

I'm not willing to give up on this company yet because I think they have a good thing going but they may want to update the design of these a bit.

Thank you for your input. The wood models can fatigue overtime and weaken, as well some wood can contain natural flaws. We do have a one year warranty policy, and it sounds as though you might still be within this time period. Please shoot us an email with your order number and First/Last name so we can see a bout getting these replaced for you!