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AMETHYST | Classic Series

AMETHYST | Classic Series

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The Classic Series Beaters feature a robust build and an extremely popular frame shape known to fit nearly any face and any occasion. This model features an AMETHYST color-way and polarized impact-resistant lenses.

Why Beaters?

Our Beaters line is introducing truly affordable premium sunglasses sourced by vetting top manufacturers. Our promise to you is big brand-caliber products with our honest price guarantee. No gimmicks, no shady marketing practices, and no compromises when it comes to quality. 

Affordable: This is what Beaters is founded on. Stop being misled by brands making ridiculous claims or using shady marketing tactics to make you spend more than necessary for a good pair of sunglasses. We charge only what is needed to cover manufacturing costs, quality service, full warranty, and fast reliable shipping.

Build Quality: Before launching a new model we spend time vetting the top manufacturers in the industry to make sure your new shades are up to the highest standards. The reality is even high-quality sunglasses are cheap to produce. Flexible and durable plastics are common, and impact-resistant lenses are required by the FDA. Don't pay more for quality and durability than should be customary.

UV Protection: All of our sunglasses feature full-spectrum UV400 protection

Design: Beaters seeks to offer designs and styles for everybody, from tried and true to new and trending. New models are added seasonally. 

Comfort: Have you ever purchased a pair of sunglasses you love only to notice pressure points or other discomfort after a short time? Yeah...  We hate that too. Part of our vetting process includes team members actually wearing our products to ensure a comfortable fit in all situations.

Warranty: All of our models are warrantied against any manufacturing defects free of charge and come with one-year lost, stolen, or broken coverage. Learn more here.

Change the way you buy sunglasses. Get the quality you're expecting at a price that is fair.

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Customer Reviews

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Exceptional Quality!

These sunglasses exceeded my expectations! The build quality is exceptional, and they feel durable. The lenses are crystal clear and I was surprised by the clarity at this price point. I appreciate the honest price and full warranty. Very satisfied with my purchase.